Doghouse Blues

Baring Teeth (15th January 2181)

15th January 2181

As they waited on the shuttle deck for the Iridion Craft to dock, Clarissa heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Weel Noo. Four Strontium Dogs lined up to take a company shuttle, when there’s transport to the Outer Sectors tomorrow. I wonder why?” the voice had a strong scots accent.

Turning round she saw another Strontium Dog, his weapons, like their own, presumably stowed away in the kitbags he was carrying.

“Hello Chick” said Clarissa, looking the mutant up and down. “Been visiting the old haunts?”

“Aye, ah have” said the mutant she had called Chick. “A guid long break. But noo its back tae wurk, and ah checked the latest subspace downloads on mah warrant meter, and guess where ah’m heading?”



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