Doghouse Blues

Checking Things Out (31st January 2181)

31st January 2181

Moe was going to be absolutely no use at all today. He had somehow acquired a “Bill Danger, Action Ranger” figure and a small cuddly toy rat, and was currently preoccupied in acting out elaborate Revenge scenarios featuring himself (represented by Bill), and Roland (represented by the rat). She sighed.

The others were in a brooding or apathetic mood. Brother Scotty had acquired a variety of beer and meats (not from MacSaunders)and was setting up a barbeque, while the others pretty much lounged around on deckchairs. “Well let them be for today”, she thought, and went off into town to see if she could find anything out about Eric.

Luck was wearing a bit thin however, though she did discover he had hitched a lift on a wagon convoy westwards, though to Melby or Emmaton she wasn’t sure. She dropped back into the Sheriff’s office to ask for more information on the job with the Miners strike at Melby.

“Dunno much about it. The sheriff there asked if those Stronties-not you, them ones that got ‘et by Yobo’s gang-were still on planet. Whatever the situation is, he’s lost two deputies dealin’ with it, and we ain’t really got resources to help. The Company will put up a reward though-I’ll wire ‘an tell ’em if you’re interested.” he explained.

“Sure thing” replied Clarissa. “Tell them we’ll be heading out to Melby in the morning”.

Her final port of call was the Burger Queen office. The possibly female secretary was back in place, as was the manager, though with evidence of incomplete removal of black nail varnish. Clarissa gave a summary, and he started to crow out loud.

“We’ve got the bastards! Got ‘em dead! They won’t last a week on planet. I could be promoted to sub sector manager for this!” Clarissa was touched for his concern for his burgified employees. She had decided on balance that it was probably a lot less hassle to sell the video evidence to Burger Queen rather than try to blackmail MacSaunders themselves: that might involve assassins, or even worse, lawyers. And so the bargaining commenced.

An hour or so later she arrived back in camp. “You can all cheer up now: with the vid money and escort reward from Burger Queen we each get Cr 105,000- that’s more than what we’d have got from the Yobo split. We haven’t done too badly.”

“I’m still goin’ to nail that ratty bastard” said Anwyn, lowering her sunglasses, “but not today, at least”. She lounged back on her sunbed.



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