Doghouse Blues

Macmac Heaven

26th May 2158

“Where the Fuck is Chick?” snapped Clarissa. The two week journey in warp had not improved her temper, and she was well aware that the trail was going cold.

“He’s gone a guided tour of the El Dorado Distillery with Moe” said Anwyn, fiddling with some mess of circuit boards and wiring she was concentrating on. Apparently she had decided to overhaul all of the room appliances, many of which seemingly didn’t work.

“And ’Enery?” Clarissa asked through gritted teeth.

“Gone to the pictures. New movie with Brigitte la Bomb” replied Anwyn.

“So no one is actually following up the trail of the Alice Gang then?”

“No.” said Anwyn simply. Clarissa started into one of her tantrums, failing to notice Anwyn clipping in a discreet set of earplugs. Eventually Clarissa stormed out.



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