Doghouse Blues

Out of Warp (21st January 2181)

21st January 2181

Anwyn idly perused the database on her handcomp as the ‘John Henry’ exited Warpspace, and began the haul towards the moon of Zhufi-4 (imaginatively named ‘Little Sister’). The Zhuf system was a tiny star system outside of chartered space, but it was and filled with small planets, dwarf planets and moons that the Iridon Mining Corporation was currently attempting to exploit for resources.

A number of the larger moons and planets had been terraformed, but with the usual result of producing an extremely dry and sandy world, which was capable of supporting life- just not very easily. No doubt some food resources were grown in greenhouses or underground hydroponics greenhouses, while other materials were probably shipped in on the regular Iridion ore runs.

The ‘John Henry’ was one such; while no passenger liner it did contain a number of 2-8 bunk staterooms for ferrying new workers in-system, and occasionally other passengers would take advantage of these if there were vacancies and the company were willing. This was indeed the case on this run, as she was aware that one room was shared by the four Webb brothers- near identical quadruplets, and another was being taken by some tough looking mercenaries. Anwyn was sharing with Clarissa in one of the smaller two bunk rooms, while the other three mutants the others were sharing with an unhappy looking sanitation engineer. Boy did he smell.

She overheard Clarissa sending a vidcom to what passed for the local SD office in Victoria, the capital on Little Sister. The conversation was short and to the point: the usual requirement to check in on landing to receive local registration and weapon permits. The Cop did sound somewhat relieved that SD Agents were finally arriving on planet however, and hinted that there were also a couple of local warrants that hadn’t been uploaded yet, which the Agents might be interested in. On a small frontier world like this the local law would be pretty stretched mused Anwyn. Probably a Sheriff and a few deputies to keep some order in Victoria itself, and maybe a smaller force or none in the other four mining towns: Melby, Emmaton, Geriville and Melville. There were over two dozen mines though, and a large outback area which probably received no attention at all. No wonder opportunists like Yobo and his gang were able to thrive on places like this.


Great game again, Steve. Had a wonderful time!

Clarissa proposes that, instead of giving Mantis Moe all of his share in cash, we buy armor for him with it and then just give him what’s left. That way he can’t waste it all on holoporn again! Clarissa is getting tired of constantly having to patch him up because he is walking around half naked all the time!

Out of Warp (21st January 2181)

Agreed, wholeheartedly, a great game Steve! I want to thank you guys again for scheduling a special Monday session so I had an excuse to drink beer in the, er, early afternoon and chuckle with my buds. As to Moe, ’Enery concurs, he needs more armor. That way Steve can (slightly!) up the weapons enough to dent ’Enery, lol.

Again, thanks for a great game Steve. Driving through the dust in a tour bus with “Elvis” (ala Priscilla Queen of the Desert) while shooting at carnivorous uplifted Baboons was a riot!

Out of Warp (21st January 2181)

Anwyn suggests that Moe’s share be deducted for pointlessly crashing the skimmer and losing your deposit (out of his hearing". “That boys so far gone E’ll never notice like.”’

Out of Warp (21st January 2181)

oh yeah, I forgot about that!

“From now on Moe, no more ’elpin wiv the drivin, eh?”

Out of Warp (21st January 2181)

Avasilability on this world is limited, but you could get him:

New Mesh Bodysuit (current one wrecked) Cr 1500
Shoulder Pads Cr 1350
Tac Helmet Cr 2250

Total Price: Cr 5100

Of course this is dearer than buying at Doghouse but its your only option. With his Body Sash this would give him total DR of 2 +4+3+3= 12 ie double his current.

Tell me if you choose to do this and when I do loot wiki I will list it.

Out of Warp (21st January 2181)

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