Anwyn Wylde

Welsh and Horny


D8C760 -4 Psi: 10/15

26 years old (born 2156); Human Mutant from Barry, South Wales (Earth)

Languages: English…2

Traits: Combat Acuity, Jerry Rig, Recovery, Skill Augment (Computer)*, Chip Slot Computer/4 (Chips: Security/3, Power Systems/3, Astrogation/2), Longevity/1, Arachnophobia, Enemy: Roland Ratt

Headbanger-The mutant’s head sports a pair of horns, enabling her to deliver truly vicious headbutting attacks. The mutant has a Headbutt attack which can be used with Melee (unarmed) and inflicts damage of 1d6+3

Regeneration: The mutant is able to regenerate characteristic points that are reduced due to physical attacks. She regenerates 1 point per hour until fully healed. If all three physical characteristics are reduced to zero as the result of an attack, the mutant cannot regenerate. Roll 1d6 to determine which characteristic is regenerated: 1d6 Characteristic: 1-2 Str, 3-4 Dex, 5-6 End

Skills: Computers*….3, Enrg (Elec)…..2, Persuade…..1, Melee (Unarmed)…..1, Gun Cbt (Blasters)…..1, Drive (Grav)…..0, Advocate……0

Chipped Skills: Security……2 OR Enrg (Power Systems)…..2 OR Astrogation……1

Psi Skills: Awareness……0, Teleport…..0, Energy Kinesis……0

Biog: (Radical Mutation: blue skin, strange eyes, horns, cloven feet and alternate ankle structure)

Anwyn was born to a rural family several miles from the small town of Barry, South Wales. During the Kreeler suppressions her parents, who were hiding her on their farm, were reported and arrested. She was sent to a mutant concentration camp. She never saw them again.

Too young to fight in the rebellion she was nevertheless one of many mutants rescued from extermination by the rebels, and acted as a messenger and errand runner for the older fighters.

After the war she lived in a Ghetto for a few years, before managing to deploy with the S/D Agency. Her initial assignments were not too challenging, but did see her trawling many obscure worlds, but her latest experience had been with some very hard nuts indeed.

Weapons: Westinghouse Phased Prescision Blaster (4.5//0.1 kg), Colt Blastinger (0.2// 0.05 kg), Knife (0 kg), Electronux (0 kg)

Armour: Mesh Bodysuit, Body Sash, ShoulderPads, Arm & Leg Pads. TOTAL DR: 13 (7 kg)

Other: Grav Chute (1 kg), Telekin Shield (1 kg), Wire Launcher Wristlet (0.5 kg), 2 x Binders (0.5 kg ea.), LI/IR/DDR Visor (0 kg), Breathe Mask (0.5 kg), Handcomp (0.5 kg), Thief Toolkit (6 kg), EM Probe (0.5 kg)

TOTAL CARRIED: 24 kg of 25 kg

Non Carried: Vacc Suit (TL 14) Eye Protection, Magnetic grapples, Medikit, Dome Helmet as well as Hood (4 kg), Electronic Tool Kit (10 kg), Spare Webley 4a Phased Blaster & 21 reloads (4//0.1 kg), Precision Blaster reloads x 30, Blastinger reloads x 20, Electronux reloads x 5

CR. Balance: 419,000

Anwyn Wylde

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