Chick Korea

Cynical Scots Git


BBB880-A ……………………… Age 30 years, born Och -11

Combat Acuity: roll 3d6 initiative

Called Shot: Before making an attack roll, the Strontium Dog can use Called Shot to target a specific location on a target to inflict a none fatal wound. For example, the Strontium Dog could aim for a hand, an arm, a leg or an object a target is holding. He could even aim for the head with the intention of causing a grazing wound. The attack is resolved as normal but the damage inflicted is the weapon’s minimum damage, but armor effect is halved. This may be reduced further by the effects roll. Called Shot can only be used with melee weapons, handguns and rifles. It cannot be used with missile launchers, heavy weapons or artillery.

2 Weapon Use: The Strontium Dog is able to use two handguns or melee weapons simultaneously without any penalties and on the same action, as long as he is aiming at the same target. If he chooses to attack separate targets, he must nominate one target as primary and the other as secondary. Attacks at the secondary target are at a –2 DM. The Strontium Dog can change target nomination at the beginning of a new Combat Round. If the attack is focussed on a single target then only one attack roll is made and it is based on the lower of the two skill DMs if the weapons are governed by different skills. So, for example, Billy-Bob Gruff is firing a Heavy Blaster in one hand and a Laser Pistol in the other. He has Gun Combat (blasters) 2 and Gun Combat (energy pistol) 1. He makes only one skill roll and gains the +1 DM for his Gun Combat (energy pistol) skill. If he is successful, though, both weapons will hit and inflict damage. If two targets are being attacked then two skill rolls, with DMs for the appropriate weapon, are made but are considered to strike simultaneously if they are successful

180 Degree Vision: The mutant has exceptional peripheral vision, being able to clearly see in a 180 degree arc without having to turn his head. This gives +2 on visual checks and +1 on Initiative.

Spit Weapon (Musk): The mutant is able to spit Musk with a Natural Weapon (spit) skill at 0, modified by Dex. He can spit up to a range in metres equal to his Str x5 and a number of times per day equal to his End. The musk is potent, and deeply, unpleasantly, pungent – twice the pungency of skunk musk. It clings to skin and clothing for a number of days equal to the mutant’s Str characteristic, gradually dissipating. The smell is distracting to the person struck by the musk, causing him to suffer a –1 DM to all skills for 1d3 days – until the stench begins to wane.

Improved Visual Acuity: Your character can see better in dim lighting than other people, and halves any environmental penalties due to darkness.

Acute Vision. +2 on any vision type rolls

Enemy: Fellow SD Agent: Grasshopper Kane

Languages: English……2, Gaelic…….2


Level 0: Athletics, Computers, Gun Cbt, Investigate,Vacc Suit

Mechanic, Medic, Melee (Spit), Persuade, History

Level 1: Melee (Unarmed), Tactics (Military), Blaster

Level 2: Special Weapons,

“Arr youse lookin’ at me Jimmy?”, “DINNA call me chicken heid!”

Chick’s parents were immigrants to Och Eleven, the prime habitat world in the New Caledonian system. His parents were admitted as colonists as being of pure scots descent, but unfortunately his mother had briefly been caught in a fallout area, and when Chick was born he was an obvious mutant.

The somewhat clannish and rural nature of Och Eleven, unlike it would have on Earth, did not lead to complete second class citizenship, as he was something of a rarity. as a mutant. Obviously there were difficulties in him fitting in however.

When the SD Agency was set up in 2167, Chick decided to apply, as a means of seeing the Galaxy. Inter clan feuding and a tough colonist existence had prepared him somewhat for such a life, but not the massive degree of Earth-centric prejudice against mutants. Nevertheless he has managed to thrive as an Agent, and is even well qualified with T and D weaponry.

Cr: 694,000 (to 2/5/2181)

Weapons: 2 x Standard Blasters (4d6+3 damage, wt 3.5//0.1 60 shots): 20 spare clips

Armor: Mesh Body Suit, Leatherine Arm, Leg Shoulder Pads and Body Sash (DR 13, wt 7 kg)

Other: 2 sets restraints (0.5 kg ea.), Warrant Card (0.5 kg), Time Drogue (0.5 kg, 2 uses left), Medipac x 2 (0 kg)

Chick Korea

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