Tim "Digger" Phillips

Right On Reporter


Tim is a well known investigative reporter of dual British/ Australian Nationality, though his accent is pure British. He made his reputation as a young reporter for the BBC during the mutant rebellion, when he managed to get several interviews with leaders of the mutant army, and inside footage of one of the mutant extermination camps and the excesses of the Kreelmann regime. It was the widespread circulation of some of this footage that started to turn public opinion against the war.

In the short period of relative liberalism after the war Phillip’s star rose, and his success gave him the freedom to expand his journalistic remit, and he garnered a well earned reputation for turning over stones that the rich and powerful would rather have left unturned. His documentaries were widely popular however, and his famous exposes’s of how Kreeler Thugs were being widely absorbed into the new Police Forces of New Britain caused more than a degree of embarrassment.

As Britain started to slide more to the right again, the BBC came under increasing pressure to dispose of Phillip’s ‘anti-establishment’ views. Seeing the way the wind was blowing, and now being fairly successful in his own right, Tim resigned from the BBC and signed up for a 6 part n Australian -US Television documentary series about the non pursuit of several former war criminals. The Yanks and the Aussies loved it, though of course the British were furious. This was the first of many successful steps in his new career as a freelancer.

In recent years Phillips has taken note of the British slide to the right, and his four part documentary on the persecution of Christans and Muslims was released with impeccable timing just as these religions were outlawed in the UK, and precipitated his move offworld to Luna as a home base. A further series on the shadowy offworld operations of the New Church Commandoes, followed, along with a Bio Documentary of Lady Grantham and her former links with the Kreelmann regime.

Things got serious about two years ago, when an attempt on his life by a group of New Church Commandoes was intercepted only by a group of off duty Coco- Pepsol Marines, one of whom recognised him from the Holvid, and all of whom disliked the idea of a group of religious nutcases causing trouble on their turf. Since then Tim has started to carry a gun, and employed a pilot/ bodyguard.

His widespread reporting of the incident (denied by the Church) has so far deterred any further attempts, and his four part mini documentary on the training and induction of a new batch of Coco- Pepsol Marines, though widely thought of as an odd topic for him with his generally anti- supranational company stance, was very popular indeed: he is currently in Coco- Pepsol’s good books.

That hasn’t stopped him digging and reporting however, and he is now even employed by the BBC in a freelance capacity as an off world correspondent.

Tim "Digger" Phillips

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