Bounty Warrant: Ivanna Petriynka


Name: Ivanna Petriynka
Aliases: The Red Thief, Vamparella
Profile: BAC9B8

Earth, New Wallachia – Medical Theft
Luna City – Medical Theft, Assault
Earth, Berlin III – Medical Theft
Earth, New Albany – Medical Theft, Armed Robbery

Warrant Designation: Apprehend and Return
Reward: Cr. 30,000
Warrant Status: Open

E-Calypso (Suite 664); New Wallachia – 22/05/80 (Core Worlds 0506)

Extremely allergic to sunlight; causes her severe burns and eventual anaphylactic shock. Target must not be allowed to be transported openly to avoid target’s injury.

Known Associates:
Egor Tzepes (Mutant, GCC file VF13/6543/1-D)
Vladimir Alucard (Mutant, GCC fi le VF10/334/2-D)

Has been stealing the haematology supplies from medical facilities all across Earth, along with the aid of her frequent associates, Egor and Vladimir. Tens of thousands of credits worth of supplies and donated materials have been taken, along with vast files about the donators. Target has been tracked to a hotel in New Wallachia, the E-Calypso Hotel and Casino, where she resides. She stays in her room during daylight hours due to her sunlight allergy. Egor Tzepes is never far from Ivanna, guarding her during daylight hours. Ivanna is known to be extremely violent when confronted during night hours but is suspected to be conversely passive during the day. Egor is protective of her and should be avoided if at all possible. Ivanna is wanted for biological study of her mutations. It is of the UTMOST PRIORITY that she not be harmed in her apprehension.

Bounty Warrant: Ivanna Petriynka

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