Bounty Warrant: Darlok Wylde


Name: Darlok Wylde

Aliases: Wylde the Warlock, Tsucani Terror

Profile: 796BB8

Io – Unauthorised Use of Arcana
Tsucan 3 – Unauthorised Use of Arcana,
Possession of Inter-dimensional Beings, Terrorism

Warrant Designation: Dead or Alive
Reward: Cr. 300,000 dead, Cr. 350,000 alive
Warrant Status: Open

Jupiter War Historic Battlefield; Io – 28/12/80 (Core Worlds 0506)
Bundy Starport; Io – 26/12/05 (Core Worlds 0506)

Wylde is a student of the dark magics of Mars’ Ares Brotherhood (see GCC file 6609.HG), knowing how to empower the flesh with a number of offensive magical effects. He is very dangerous and cannot be allowed to roam free. Wylde spent four years on a backwater planet called Tsucan 3 honing his arcane skills on the local primitive populace. While there he discovered a powerful talisman that gives him power over the flesh of the dead. He creates ‘zombies’ from the bodies of the fallen. These zombies are not individually dangerous but their resilience can be taxing over long engagements.

Known Associates:
Vicar Brood (Deceased Sorcerer, GCC file 867/31098-B)
Mercy Williams (Slave Trafficker, GCC file A223/9844-S)
Eril ‘The Coroner’ Crowe (Mutant Smuggler, GCC file A755/11098-E)

Wylde has chosen the Jupiter War battleground for a specific purpose as yet undiscovered by the GCC; proceed with caution. Target will undoubtedly be surrounded by reanimated corpses. GCC R&D suggest the use of positron emissions or high-heat weaponry.

Wylde will resist arrest with powerful arcane assets but has also been known to carry a micro blaster in his robe sleeve.

Bounty Warrant: Darlok Wylde

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