Bounty Warrant: 'Fast' Nicky Cairo


Name: Nicky Cairo

Aliases: Fast Nicky, Nick the Greek

Profile: 789AA5

Zhuf 2 (Zhuf) – Theft, Embezzlement, Fraud
Warrant Designation: Apprehend and Return
Reward: Cr. 20, 000 alive

Warrant Status: Open

Little Sister (Moon- Zhuf 2); Zhuf System – 01/02/85 (Outer Sector B 0705)

Nicky Cairo has a nondescript appearance, which enables him to adopt the variety of minor disguises in which he is able to ply his trade.

Known Associates:
Wreckless Eric (Associate, GCC file X26.2267)
Tinpot the Android

Nicky was a former accountant with Iridon Mining, though he was targeted for arrest when it was discovered he was making a lucrative sideline in siphoning off Company funds. Evading arrest he has forged a new career on Little Sister as a successful conman, his inside knowledge of the company and its practices providing a valuable weapon in his hands. He has avoided arrest many times, and always manages to reappear hatching yet another lucrative scam.

Bounty Warrant: 'Fast' Nicky Cairo

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