Bounty Warrant: 'Wreckless' Eric Richards


Name: ‘Wreckless’ Eric Richards

Aliases: Mad Eric,

Profile: 99B78A


Earth: Possession controlled substances, Petty Theft
Zhuf 2 – GBH, Armed Robbery, Mugging, Petty Theft, Possession Controlled Substances
Warrant Designation: Apprehend and Return
Reward: Cr. 10, 000 alive

Warrant Status: Open

Little Sister (Moon); Zhuf System – 01/02/85 (Outer Sector B 0705)

Eric has an abrasive manner which virtually guarantees that he is unable to maintain a low profile. He maintains that he is a bastard scion of the British Royal Family, though as far as we are aware this claim is without foundation-which doesn’t stop him claiming this is true at every opportunity.

Known Associates:
Fast Nicky Cairo

A minor thug who escaped imprisonment on earth by indentured service to Iridon Mining Corporation. Six years later he has fulfilled the term of his indenture but has remained in the Zhuf system, again turning his hand to a variety of petty crime. Armed Robbery on a Company Facility was a step too far, and the Company have issued an Apprehend Warrant on this character.

Bounty Warrant: 'Wreckless' Eric Richards

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