Bounty Warrant: Yobo the Howler


Name: Yobo the Howler

Aliases: Yellow Yobo, Yowlin’ Yobo

Profile: A78423

Zhuf 2 – Armed Robbery, Murder
Warrant Designation: Dead or Alive
Reward: Cr. 100,000 dead, Cr. 250,000 alive
plus Cr. 25,000 per additional dead howler

Warrant Status: Open

Zhufi Moon; Zhuf System – 01/02/85 (Outer Sector B 0705)

Yellow Yobo is a howler, making him a sociopathic alien capable of killing anyone – even his own allies – in cold blood just for laughs.

Known Associates:
Roon the Howler (Brother, GCC fi le X33.8410)
Yellow Yobo and his gang have a hideout in an old mine 43 kilometres east of the only safe landing point in the desert of Zhufi Moon. Yobo has a small troop of howlers with him on Zhufi Moon with which he has been robbing trains and armoured transports for months. The GCC wants Roon more than Yobo, explaining the highly increased ‘alive’ reward. Yobo is a skilled shot with his blaster and a skilled close-quarters combatant. Approach with caution but never rule out termination. Howlers never surrender without a fight and Yobo will be no different.

Bounty Warrant: Yobo the Howler

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