Moe's Personal Force Shield


Personal Force Fields have actually been around for some time, but are used generally only by the Rich and Famous. Usually a small module which can be attached to a belt, a typical Field generates DR 5 against ALL attacks which stacks over other armour. This is fine as an anti assassination device used only occasionally, but for those more regularly under fire the major downside is that any damage getting through may cause the system to overload (and drain the battery).

Each multiple of the DR (eg 1-5 for standard field) which gets through the base DR (after normal armor)generates a d6 roll. If a 1 is rolled, the battery drains, and the wearer takes 3d6 stun damage against which armour does not protect. For this reason Strontium Dogs hardly ever use them, as they can easily get you killed in a firefight. Only an idiot would use one, and Moe fits the Bill perfectly..

The Base cost is Cr 500,000 (Cr 1000 for a battery) but each DR +1 adds Cr 200,000 to cost. These units are often built into the most expensive vacc suits, which also protect the wearer against any possible feedback if the field overloads.

Belt Module: Wt 0.5 kg.

Moe's Personal Force Shield

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