The Dog House


Established in 2167, the S/D Agency is a semi-private organisation operated from a massive orbital habitat known as the Dog House – even though its official name is S/D Central. The S/D Agency is the only organisation with a trans-galaxy sanction to seek-out and, where permitted, kill, criminals and fugitives from justice. Technically it has no powers of arrest and its agents can only apprehend subjects or return fire upon them if they are executing a specific warrant. Therefore, the S/D Agency is not a police force; neither is it, officially, a part of the galactic executive or administration: if it were, then the GCA would be sanctioning murder directly and many of the S/D Agency’s operating practices (hiring mutants, for example) would be vulnerable to government scrutiny. Instead, the S/D Agency works in a shadowy position somewhere between government partnership and private bounty hunting company.

In its 14 years of existence the S/D Agency has managed to bring to justice thousands of highly dangerous criminals who would have otherwise been beyond the arm of the law. Given access to time and dimensional weapons, S/D agents have a staggering arsenal with which to hunt down these fugitives and the lure of a cash reward ensures dedication to the cause. Some Norms are attracted to the S/D Agency but, in truth, few have the stomach for it. Mutants, having grown up facing adversity and having been forced to survive on their wits and in the most unpleasant conditions, are far more psychologically disposed to hunting down the scum of the galaxy and either hauling them back to face the justice system or killing them in cold blood.

In mutants, the GCA has found a way of having one deprived under-layer of society prey upon another, unwanted layer. It is the ideal situation.

The S/D Agency operates from S/D Central or the Dog House. The Dog House contains administrative offices for the entire S/D Agency, which still relies on human executives to assess incoming warrants, assign them to specific Strontium Dogs if necessary or make a warrant ‘Termination’. Thus, the Dog House is divided into two distinct sections: the Administrative and Operations wing, which performs all the routine tasks that keep S/D effective; and the Agents’ Wing, which is where S/D Agents can congregate, socialise, buy equipment and search through the latest warrants that are of interest.


The Dog House

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