Bounty Warrant: Theodore Mauler


Warrant Name: Theodore Mauler Aliases: Two-Gun Teddy, Mad Ted Mauler

Earth – War crimes in the fight against the Mutant Army
Mars – Anti-mutant Acts of Terrorism
Io Colony – Anti-mutant Acts of Terrorism, Murder
Titania – Assault, Possession of Illegal Arms

Warrant Designation: Termination

Reward: Cr250,000

Warrant Status: Open

Titania; Uranus Orbit – 17/08/85 (Sola 17 T3391.62R)

One of the leading executioners in Nelson Bunker Kreelman’s reign of terror in the 60s that escaped judgment. He is well trained and very dangerous. One of the more vocal members of Kreelman’s anti-mutant party, Mauler did not give up the fight against mutantkind after Parliament passed its ‘peaceful’ end to the uprising. Instead he made cybernetic and chemical modifications to his body and made the ‘war on mutants’ his personal goal.

Known Associates:

Nelson Bunker Kreelman (Former Minister of the Military; GCC fi le 002/1197-K)
Doctor Pearl Rayment (Unlicensed Body Modification Specialist, GCC fi le 81.009.233-V)

Mauler’s opened military records state he is a skilled close-quarters marksman and an expert in melee weapon fighting. His augmentations have only made these skills more deadly, adding personal weaponry of military-grade to his body arsenal. Target has been spotted on Titania in orbit of the planet Uranus. Intelligence suggest that he is ferrying a number of low-grade nuclear components through the area and protecting them with violence and threatening actions. Mauler hates mutants and has turned his body into a living carriage for numerous weapon systems and defensive measures. He will defend himself violently and with lethal force; agents are cleared to do the same.

Bounty Warrant: Theodore Mauler

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