Bounty Hunting

S/D agents that want to be successful in their chosen field need to remember the five ‘golden rules of bounty hunting:

1. Keep A Low Profile: S/D agents do not want to be recognisable or famous for their career choice. If their potential targets know who they are because of seeing them on a media wire they could flee at first sign of the hunter. This would make getting close enough to apprehend them extremely difficult. The proper use of stealth, disguises and misdirection is paramount to a successful hunt.

2. Sharpen your Skills: Criminals and fugitives are constantly learning new and interesting ways to avoid capture while on the run, forcing S/D agents to work out new ways to foil their plans and schemes. For every new trick or method to thwart the hunt, the hunter must have two new ideas on how to continue unhindered. S/D agents should help ready themselves by constantly testing and increasing their library of skills.

3. Be Mindful of Local Laws:
Although the GCC aims to ensure that the law is the same from one system to another, local customs and system specific conditions have given rise to all manner of variations in standard Galactic Law. Any S/D agent that is going to spend a significant amount of time around the law enforcers of a given location will need to know the ins and outs of their legal codes. The last thing a Strontium Dog needs is to pay a hefty amount of fines after they get paid because they did not know the customs of the area. Sometimes a warrant forces a Strontium Dog to skirt, bend or break the law to get the job done. They may not be bound to do so by some compelling force but they will if it means getting the bounty and getting paid. An agent that understands the law system of his surroundings can adjust what he can do to alleviate his own guilt or find a loophole to avoid arrest. Knowing the area’s laws well enough to avoid inadvertently breaking them while working a warrant requires a routine (+2 DM) Advocate skill check.

4. The Target is neither Friend nor Enemy: An agent that travels a long distance with his quarry will have weeks or even months to spend in close proximity with them. This can lead, especially in the case of charismatic bounties, to social relationships forming between agent and captive. Some might try to make friends with the agent, others will try to get the agent so upset he will make an error and allow them to escape. It is best for any Strontium Dog to segregate personal feelings from any business relations and to keep emotional responses out of any interactions.

5. Always Prepare for the Worst Situation: Soldiers have a saying, ‘No engagement plan survives contact with the enemy’. Every Strontium Dog knows that he must have a plan for completing his warrants but also must be aware that external situations will never allow that plan to go unchanged. It is the nature of their job. S/D agents will do well in their career if they enter every contract as if it will go terribly wrong at every given point. It is better to have something and not need it than it is to need something and not have it.

Bounty Hunting

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