SD Loot!


4/1/2181: Cr 30k Bounty on Ivanna Petriynka.
Split 4 Ways Cr 7500 each to Clarissa, Anwyn, Moe,’Enery


25/1/2181: Cr 160,000 bounty on Yobo’s Henchmen
Cr 3,000 cash
Cr 24,000 from sale of bikes, laser weapons etc
TOTAL 187,000
Split 4 Ways Cr 46, 750 each to Clarissa, Anwyn, ‘Enery
Moe’s share is less as Clarissa forcibly purchases him armor for Cr 5100, and takes
out Cr 7000 for the loss of their deposit on the grav skimmer (you also had to give
him two of the bikes to prevent other repercussions). Moe’s cut is thus only
Cr 34,650.

25/1/2181: Steve’s arithmetical error.
An extra 240,000 for Yobo’s henchmen
Split 4 ways is an extra Cr 60,000 each

1/2/2181: Awards from Burger Queen for escort and MacS films: Cr 105,000 each for Clarissa,
Anwyn, Moe, Chick and ’Enery

For rescuing Miners Cr 12,500 each for Anywn, Clarissa, Chick, Moe. You also have: 3 x standard blasters 1 x phased standard blaster

5/2/2181: added 8 grenades (Clarissa)

For minding Elvis Cr 20,000 each For rescuing miners CR 10,000 each For clearing Zorgs Cr 40,000 each TOTAL: Cr 70,000 each per Strontium Dog


29/2/2181: all get Cr 3500


24/3/2181: all get Cr 60,000 for Darlok Wylde

30/3/2181: all get Cr 50,000 for Theodore Mauler


2/5/2181: all get Cr 300,000 for Call Me cal etc

SD Loot!

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