Special Techniques

Called Shot
Before making an attack roll, the Strontium Dog can use Called Shot to target a specific location on a target to inflict a none fatal wound. For example, the Strontium Dog could aim for a hand, an arm, a leg or an object a target is holding. He could even aim for the head with the intention of causing a grazing wound. The attack is resolved as normal but the damage inflicted is the weapon’s minimum damage, but armor effect is either halved, or limited to the location only (depends on type). This may be reduced further by the effects roll. Called Shot can only be used with melee weapons, handguns and rifles. It cannot be used with missile launchers, heavy weapons or artillery.

Combat Acuity
The Strontium Dog is adept at reading the nuances of a tactical situation and greatly improves his chances of reacting first in a combat environment. He rolls Initiative on 3d6 rather than 2d6.

Formidable Presence
The Strontium Dog’s sheer weight of presence and personality can strike fear into the hearts of criminals and even the most mutant-hating Norm. Any Non-Player Character within a number of metres equal to the Strontium Dog’s Influence characteristic must make a successful Endurance roll at 10+ or be rooted to the spot, paralysed with either fear and/or respect, for a number of rounds equal to the Strontium Dog’s Influence modifier +1.

Heart Stopper
The Strontium Dog can control the beat of his heart, bringing it to a complete standstill for a number of minutes equal to his End characteristic. In this time, the Agent’s metabolism slows and he gives every appearance of being dead. His heart restarts either when the Strontium Dog wills it or at the end of a number of minutes equal to his End – whichever is the sooner.

The character can find a way to effect ad-hoc repairs using just the things he has around him and can use parts of a disparate machine to fix another. He is also able to rig two different devices so that they work together seamlessly; or to improvise the functions of one device within another (within the bounds of reason, of course). Using this technique takes 2d6 hours and the Referee can increase this or set a minimum limit based on the circumstances, if he so chooses.

Leaf on the Wind
With this technique the Strontium Dog can leap, roll or dive for cover whilst still returning fire. He suffers no penalties to his attack roll whilst making the leap, roll or dive but he can only shoot at one target and cannot combine this technique with any other technique such as Two Weapon Use or Called Shot. Whilst leaping and shooting his DM for dodging (see Traveller Core Rulebook page 62) is increased to –3. To use this ability the character must move 3-6m: he cannot be stationary, and it must be ‘real’ movement. The character may take this option with a double move, but then cannot shoot of course.

Life Saver
The Strontium Dog understands the advanced first aid techniques necessary to save lives even when all looks bleak. If a character is confronted with a casualty who has been reduced to 0 characteristics through physical damage and can act within 3 rounds of the damage being inflicted, he is able to apply rapid first aid that restores the injured person to 1 point in any one physical characteristic, snatching them from the very jaws of death, although the casualty will remain unconscious and requires immediate medical attention (through the Medic skill or a fully equipped hospital).

Luck of the Devil
The Strontium Dog is naturally lucky and things always seem to turn out just right. Once, in any one game session, he can influence one dice result, converting a failure into a success. For the purposes of calculating Effect, where this is needed, the Strontium Dog is considered to have achieved a success of 8 precisely, so Effect is 0.

Strontium Dogs are resilient and some can work through the pain barrier. With this technique, your Strontium Dog can take one extra point of damage to each physical characteristic, and will stay alive and unconscious after reaching 0 in all his physical characteristics,but only until he has suffered an additional amount of damage equal to half his Endurance.

Sixth Sense
The Strontium Dog’s sixth sense alerts him to potential dangers to his life or the lives of others, although the precise source of the danger cannot be spotted. If surprised or ambushed, the Strontium Dog always gets the chance to react, in a way most appropriate to the circumstances. The GM will make a secret Recon or Intelligence check. If your character is successful, your Referee will let you know he senses danger – though not the source or direction of it.

Two Weapon Use
The Strontium Dog is able to use two handguns or melee weapons simultaneously without any penalties and on the same action, as long as he is aiming at the same target. If he chooses to attack separate targets, he must nominate one target as primary and the other as secondary. Attacks at the secondary target are at a –2 DM. The Strontium Dog can change target nomination at the beginning of a new Combat Round. If the attack is focussed on a single target then only one attack roll is made and it is based on the lower of the two skill DMs if the weapons are governed by different skills. So, for example, Billy-Bob Gruff is firing a Heavy Blaster in one hand and a Laser Pistol in the other. He has Gun Combat (blasters) 2 and Gun Combat (energy pistol) 1. He makes only one skill roll and gains the +1 DM for his Gun Combat (energy pistol) skill. If he is successful, though, both weapons will hit and inflict damage. If two targets are being attacked then two skill rolls, with DMs for the appropriate weapon, are made but are considered to strike simultaneously if they are successful.

Ted Handiman applies this as above, but also has the option of making 3 shots. He can make all 3 at one target for 0 penalty, between 2 targets at -2, or 3 targets at -4.

Either way all shots must be in same 180 degree arc of vision.

Special Techniques

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