Doghouse Blues

Alice Don' Live Here No More (9th May 2158)

9th May 2181

“What do you mean?” fumed Clarissa, “Gone?”

“Hey Lady” said the desk rep. “They bought tickets and they left. To Shankle three days ago. They had a ticket. What else is there to say?”

“It ain’t loike our presence were secret Free Ois” said ’Enery, now among the walking wounded. In fact they had all been the walking wounded for a couple of days, and the Alice Gang had presumably taken advantage of it.

“Ach they were small potatoes anyway” said Chick, lighting a cigar. “Is nae problem”

Clarissa paused: convincing the others wasn’t going to be easy.

“Oh well if you’re not interested. My hunch is that they’re holed up on Skybo Tsong, the fourth planet.” sighed Clarissa.

“Ain’t that where the Tsong Liquor Corporation are based?” said Anwyn. “That’s where they brew 90% of the Galaxy’s MacMac.”

Suddenly Chick looked interested.



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