Tank. 'nough said.


’Enery the Safe 99E840

Age: 35
Race: Human Mutie (Influence 4// -1)
Homeworld: Earth// Milton Keynes Mutant Ghetto
Racial traits: Mutated Skin 4 DR, Augmented Skin 3 DR, 2 Allies, 6th Sense, Two Weapons Fighting, Augmented Blaster Skill /1*, Augmented END /1.

Characteristic Score Modifier
Strength 9 +1
Dexterity 9 +1
Endurance 14 + 2
Intellect 8 0
Education 4 -1
Social 0 -3
Influence 4 -1
Skills Level
Melee(unarmed) 1
Pilot(Spacecraft) 1
Pilot(any) 0
Comms 0
Computers 0
Deception 1
Drive(wheeled) 0
Gun Combat(Blaster) 3* (boosted)
Survival 0
Gun Combat(any) 0
Investigate 0
VaccSuit 0

Mutation (Armored Skin) DR 4
Dog Special (Two Weapons) n/a
Dog Special (Sixth Sense) n/a
Purchased Augmentation (Subdermal Armor) DR 3
Purchased Augmentation (Blaster Skill Implant) +1
Experimental Augmentation (END mod) +1
Slow, Tough/2, Robust/1


“’Oim ’Enery the Safe, Oi am”

Henry Potter was born in 2146 amidst the slums of London, and with the introduction of Kreelman’s Anti- Mutant legislation in the 2150’s, built up a heritage of bitterness and resentment.

When the Uprising occurred in 2162 following the executions in New Salisbury, young mutants such as Henry were ideal recruitment material for the rebels, and he fired his first Thwup Gun at the age of only 16, and killed his first man shortly thereafter in the ongoing guerilla campaign waged in an irradiated Britain.

When the uprising finally ended in 2168 Henry, now with the nickname ’Enery the Safe after his thick mutant hide had saved his life many times, joined the nascent SD Agency, keen to leave all memories of Earth and many dead friends behind him. To enhance his skin he has recently had level 3 Subdermal Armor installed as an augment, at great personal expense.

For the last twelve years he has mostly roamed distant frontier worlds, pursuing warrants against the worst the Human Arm of the Galaxy has to offer, and only occasionally returning to the Doghouse to resupply. He recently acquired a Wesson 88 Magnum (Heavy Blaster) as part of a bounty. He wears it in addition to the Phased Westinghouse 30cm ‘Manhunter’ (Precision Blaster) he purchased years ago. To make himself even deadlier, he’s had his Gun Combat skill enhanced with augments.

(Heavy mutation appearing over sized and with coarse skin that has a slight greenish cast)

Armoured : The mutant is armoured across its body. The armour takes any form desirable: toughened bone, dense skin, scales, warts, and so forth. The mutant has 4 points of armour.

Current Cash 640k

Carried Weight 22.5kg, 24kg max light load

Wesson 88 Blaster
(Skill +3, Dex +1)
6d6+4(1x)20 (1x)20 (1x)20-1+0+0-2-4n/an/a
Phased Westinghouse 30cm ‘Manhunter’
(Skill +3, Dex +1)
(300m Phased Range)
(1x)50 (1x)50-1+0+0+0-2-4n/a
(Skill +3, Dex +1)
Body Pistol
(silencer avail)
(Skill +0, Dex +1)
3d6-3 (Frangible)
3d6-6 (silenced HP)
(Skill +1, Str +1)
3d6 (Nonlethal)12 hours use+0n/an/an/an/an/an/a
Datapad(comp/3, Int Interface)Sash0.53100
Various Level/1 Programs
(Admin, Advocate, Navigation)
(used in datapad)(datapad)03000
Belt Comm Unit (Laser/Radio)(synced to helmet)Belt0.53500
Data Display/Recorder(synced to datapad)(helmet)0.57500
Trauma Packx1Sash17500
Night Vision GogglesLI/IRHead0.53000
ApparelDR MissileDR MeleeNotesLocationWeightCost
Mesh undercoat21CrimsonAll2.0500
Body Sash42Black,
Yellow piping
Shoulder Pads32Black,
Yellow piping
Arm Pads21Black,
Yellow piping
Leg Pads21Black,
Yellow piping
Tac Helmet32Yellow
Crimson piping
Totals (with aug/mut)2315VariedGeneral8.03600


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