Mantis Moe

He's hiding something in his trenchcoat


Current Cash: Cr 360,000

Mantis Moe
Strontium Dog

Level 0: Comms, Computers, Deception, Pilot …..Persuade, Streetwise, Vacc Suit
Level 1: Athletics (Co ordination), Gun Cbt (Energy Weapons),Gun Cbt (Slug Pistols), Gun Cbt (Blasters), Melee (Unarmed),Stealth, Trade (Pickpocket),Special Weapons, Broker
Level 2: Investigate

Luck/3 (Critical)- Fortune smiles on your character. At Luck/3, you can re-roll two checks per session and take the higher result – but you can roll three times for one of those checks, taking the highest result of the three.

Gifted Metabolism (Minor)- The character’s body processes foods, drugs and poisons better than other people. He gains a +2 DM to resist the effects of poisons, toxins or drugs.

Cracked (Critical)- The character is on the verge of a psychotic break. Other people can often sense the edginess and the character suffers a –2 on all personal interactions using Intelligence or Social Standing. In any stressful situation, there is a one in six (1 on d6) chance that the character will freak out in some fashion.
Right shoulder and arm are chitinous and insect-like

Omni-Joint- the arm joint is capable of moving through an additional 90 degrees with no impediment. This gives the mutant an additional +1 Dex and the associated reflexes grant one level of Athletics; co-ordination (added in attribute total):

Beweaponed- The mutant’s arm is equipped with sharp spurs. The mutant has a Claw attack which can be used with Melee (unarmed) and inflicts 1d6+3 damage.

Cr 62,900, Mid Passage worth Cr 30,000 .

Shiet Tha Moes Duun Got
Best Naw Kipe It or I’ll Snap Yee Fingars, Ya Friggin’ Git!

Mesh 2 Body + Limbs 500 cr 2 kg
Body Sash 4 Shoulder,Chest + Left Arm 1000 cr 2 kg
Leg Pads 2 Both legs 475 cr 1 kg
Tactical Helmet 3 Head 750 cr 1 kg

SPECIAL 2 sets of Armour or more give a +2 to unarmed Damage.
SPECIAL Tactical Helmet is a – 1 Mod to Initiative.


ComDot wrist 20 cr -
Computer/1 Back Pack 500 cr 2 Kg
D.D.R. Tactical Helmet see below -
Warrant Card Pocket - -
Binders Pocket 800 cr -


Electronux Melee-(unarmed 1) Right Fist STUN 12 hours
Laser Pistol Gun.Combt-(Energy Pistol 1) Back 3d6+3 100 shots
Blaster Gun.Combt-(Blaster 1) Belt 4d6+3 57 shots
Blaster Gun.Combt-(Blaster 1) Back 4d6+3 60 shots
Insect Claw Melee-(unarmed 1) Right Fist 1d6+ 3+ 2 END
Stealth Hatchet Melee-(Axe 0) Both Legs 1d6+ 1 END
Impeller Pistol Gun.Combt-(Slug Pistol 1) Back 3d6 1000 shots

Notes On Impeller Pistol – Shotgun Range, Auto= 6, Recoil= 3, Each shot hitting Target after the first gives an extra 1d6 Damage



Stim 4 75 cr Cancels out Fatigue, but causes 1 point of damage.
Combat 2 2000 cr 1) + 4 to initiative. 2) Dodge with no initiative penalty. 3) Reduces all incoming damage by 2. 4) 4 rounds to take effect, lasts 10 minuets. 5) User is ‘Fatigued’ afterwards.


Moe trained in Melee.((Needed 8 TP)) Used 2 TP and spent 20,000 cr to Learn 6 TP.
Moe has Vac Suit 0 now, He will work on Special Weapons ..I have 3 Karma points


“Ey! Ey! Karm down else or I sent ya minty rotters to the Ossie.”

Moe was born on the outskirts of Liverpool, a decaying port city ruined by the wars of the previous decades. The lot of most Liverpudlians was somewhat poor anyway, and when Kreelerbase Mersey was set up on the old Pier Head just prior to the Mutant rebellion, the Kreelers heavy handed tactics initially resulted in the deaths of normals and mutants in the infamous “Lord Street Massacre”. True to form, there was rioting in the streets, leading to further deaths and a virtual besieging of the Kreeler HQ.

The situation was very bad, and then when the rebellion kicked off Liverpool, along with Glasgow declared itself a free city, and things went from bad to worse. The setting up of a workers council co-ordinating opposition to the Kreelers did not go down well with central government (such as it was).

The city thus shared with Glasgow the nearly unique status of the entire city being declared a Mutant Zone, even though a large proportion of the population were not mutants. With only the fortified Pier Head area and a small portion of docks being retained by government forces, and the perimeter around the old orbital roads being reinforced to keep people in.
Moe was an active street fighter during the rebellion, and like many other mutants after the rebellion chose to join the nascent SD Agency, rather than be consigned to the Skelmersdale Mutant Ghetto.