Doghouse Blues

Doggy Breakfast

27th May 2158

“Ach stoap complainin’ wumman!” said Chick. “Ah’ve goat a wee sorrr heid”

“We’ll never catch the Alice Gang at this rate!” snapped Clarissa. “That’s what I get for teaming up with amateurs!” ’Enery blubbered in the corner.

“Ach wasne up wi the big green yin?” munched Chick. “Whit’s he bawlin’ aboot?”

“It…was so sad……” sniffed ’Enery. “And ’ee was just reachen out for ’er as ’ee drifted away from the airlock….”. He pulled out a soiled handkerchief and honked. Chick rolled his eyes.

“It wis a stupid tri vid ye great Loon!” sneered Chick. “It wis a movie…it wasne real!” Hope briefly flickered in ’Enery’s eyes.

“Onyway” said Chick. “Ah’ve goat us a proper job, not chasin’ a bunch of lemons fer peanuts.”

“Oh really!” sneered Clarissa. “What’s that then Mr. Drunk and Insensible?” Chick stood up, swaying slightly.

“Ah wis talkin’ to a feller at the El Dorado Distillery yesterday, and he noticed mah SD badge. He wants te…..” and here he paused dramatically, “Hire us to guard their next whiskey shipment.”

Clarissa experienced a premonition of impending doom.


LOL! Makes me bummed I have to work Easter!!

Doggy Breakfast

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